Working with groups

Groups in BCMS are reusable building blocks that are made of multiple properties. Groups can be included in any template, widget or even other groups.

Creating and editing a group

To create a group, click on Add new group. In the next step, fill in the label, and optional description.

To edit a group, click on the group you want to edit and update properties, or click on the beside the label to edit the label or description.

Groups view

Adding properties to a group

To add properties to your newly created group, click Add property, and select from the list of properties.

View where is a group used

To view where is a group used, click See where is it used. This will give you the list of all places where this group is currently used.

Deleting a group

Deleting a group is as easy as clicking on the Delete, entering the group's name and clicking Confirm.