Working with media

Media manager allows you to store your images, videos and other files with many ways to organize them using folders.

Uploading media

To upload a media file, click on Upload file, and then either browse the files from your system or drag and drop them in the pre-defined area.

Media upload area

Using folders

To create a folder, click on Create new folder, and enter the folder's name.

Folders are a great way to organize your files. You can nest media inside of a folder and associate a custom name to it for easier search.

Modify image

If the file is of type image, you will be able to modify the aspect-ratio, zoom-in/out, flip and crop it before uploading.

You can do this by uploading an image and clicking on the which will open the editing mode. All available options are located at the bottom.

Media modify image

Deleting media

To delete a media or a folder you can click on the that is located on each individual file/folder.