Working with templates

Templates in BCMS are a pre-defined content structure. Based on that structure, you can create entries.

Templates can be multi-entry or single-entry. For example, when you create a template for your website's Home page, you'll go with a single-entry template. When you create a template for your Blog posts, it will be a multi-entry template.

Creating and editing a template

To create a template, click on Add new template. In the next step, fill in the title, for example Blog.

You can also give each template a description. It is visible only inside the CMS. Teams usualy use descriptions to describe internal processes, share resources and explain what that template is being used for.

Adding properties to a template

To add properties to your newly created template, click Add property button, and select from the list of properties. Here you can learn more about available properties.

Deleting a template

Deleting a template is as easy as clicking on the Delete button, entering the template's name and clicking Confirm.